Turn off your phones and get back to nature

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I know we are in the modern age and with that comes technology. Mobile phones, tablets and screens are everywhere you look. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, they are very much needed in some aspects of life. The one place I draw the line though is camping.

So we set a “rule” and I think you should too.

The no phones rule

Once we’re pitched up, the phone gets switched off and put away! Those few days of not checking social media and being instantly contactable are great. There is never an urge to check the phones either. Time matters much less when you’re camping, there are no restrictions. There is no need to rush or have your tea at a certain time. You can simply please yourself – and that is what I love most about camping.

I remember camping in Cornwall one year and the woman waiting in reception before us specifically asking for a pitch with a strong wi-fi connection! 😮 She was wanting to watch catch up TV on an evening. Each to their own and all that but I couldn’t think of anything worse. Enjoy the great outdoors, lace up your boots and go hiking, go surfing, sit and cook over the fire. Do things you wouldn’t normally do and you’ll soon fall in love with camping. It doesn’t mean to say that you can only have fun with your phones off, it just means that you’ll maybe appreciate the Great Outdoors a little bit more with your “eyes open”.

Man hiking no phones

Turn off your phones, get back to nature. Photo by @ingle_jake

Modern campsites might provide free wi-fi and TV rooms but that doesn’t mean you have to use them. Switch off your phones, get lost on a walk somewhere, cook your tea in the rain 🌧 but Instagram and Facebook can definitely wait until you get home. Then you can hash tag all you like! #campingwithoutphones (maybe ironically we can get that trending 🤔)

TL;DR There are no rules camping, apart from the no phones “rule” 👍

What do you think? Do you switch your phones off?

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