Lace up your boots, let’s get muddy and go hiking

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Have you ever seen the expression on someone’s face when they discover a waterfall for the first time? Or felt the satisfaction of taking those last few steps after a day-long hiking trail? Or spotted a golden eagle soaring above UK woodland? These are just a few reasons why you should go camping 

Camping as a leisure activity took off in Britain in the 1950s. Back then sleeping in the outdoors involved a simple piece of canvas and some rope (and a lot of faith in the weather!). Since then, things have improved somewhat. Campsites today provide every facility imaginable, including hot showers, baby equipment and a fantastic choice of accommodation type, including tents, caravans and glamping, but the principal of camping remains the same: staying outdoors is about how you spend your time, not where you sleep.

Hiking in the great outdoors

So this week on the blog we’re taking a look at campers’ favourite activity: hiking.

Whether it’s a short stroll, exploring your campsite’s nearby offerings, hiking is the no.1 preferred choice of outdoor activity on a camping getaway.

Hiking is something every age group can enjoy, and often provides the backbone to a great family day out. Organisations like the National Parks has created an online catalogue of ‘miles without stiles’ as part of their Access for All initiative. Allowing campers to plan walks all around the UK that have accessibility at their core. This is great news for wheelchair users, families with young children in prams or those who require a steady underfoot.

For hikes with a greater challenge, accessories like baby slings and child hiking carriers allow families to set out on day-long hikes, knowing their little ones can rest on mum and dad’s back at any opportunity.

Hiking not only gives you the chance to enjoy the fresh air and exercise that comes with a rural walk, but often lets you discover the magical scenery the UK has to offer, undiscoverable by vehicle. It’s only once you’ve turned a corner, crossed a field or scrambled across stepping stones and found yourself face to face with awe-inspiring views, like Gordale Scar in North Yorkshire, that you know the thrill that hiking can bring.

Hiking through the forest

Hiking through the forest. Photo by @jakemelara

Great places to hike

Bryn Deri is a campsite located at the start of St David’s peninsular, and short hikes will lead campers on a discovery of magical coves to explore, and miles of dramatic coastline. Some campsites are built to take full advantage of their immediate area, such as the Caolasnacon Caravan & Camping Park, which has specifically been designed to blend into the natural surroundings, allowing campers and hikers the chance to experience the breathtaking mountain scenery without interruption.

So when you’re planning your next UK getaway, consider the hiking routes and scenery that most appeal to you, and let that form the basis of your trip. Pitchy’s extensive catalogue of places to stay guarantees there’ll be a warm welcome wherever you choose to spend the night, ready for another day of exploring come morning! Come on, dig those muddy boots out and get hiking!

Laura Smith

Laura Smith

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