The benefits of camping with your pet

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We’re a nation of pet lovers, and to celebrate National Pet Month this month, we’re indulging in one of the best perks of camping holidays – the chance to take your pet with you!

OK, so this might not go down so well if your pet is a 12-foot anaconda, and the goldfish might prove a little tricky to pack, but when it comes to our four-legged tail waggers, camping can be a brilliant break for the whole household.

The benefits of taking your pet dog

While escaping on a package holiday might mean leaving your beloved pup in kennels, UK camping breaks allow you to avoid the anxiety of breaking up the family for a week away. The benefits to this, for both you and your dogs, are endless. Here’s some of our favourite reasons to take your dog camping with you:

  • If the idea of going away for a short break alone has never appealed, taking a dog can be the perfect answer to this. Not only are you never alone, but they’ll probably help introduce you to other dog owners too, by way of wanting to say hello to the furry faces they meet.
  • You’ll save a packet on kennel fees, probably so much you can justify extending your time away!
  • Dogs love exploring. Ever seen the joy on a dog’s face after they discover the perfect stick to fetch? Imagine them finding a whole new forest full of them!
  • You won’t be wondering how they are. Separation anxiety can be a huge deal for dogs, but camping trips mean the owners don’t have the worry of this either.
  • Dogs provide endless entertainment! Whether it’s playing games and running around with new friends on the campsite, or providing some great company on a lengthy rural walk, you’ll never have to worry about how to spend your time when camping with your canine pal.
Pet dog walking adventures

Pet dog walking adventures. Photo by @j6flores

There are of course a few things to remember when taking your dog camping. Always check that the campsite you are visiting allows dogs, and be considerate of others. If your pooch isn’t known for being quiet at night, or early in the morning, make sure you can alleviate the disruption their barking will cause others before heading on your trip.

Campsites like Wardley Hill in Norfolk allow dogs on leads, and North Rhinns Camping in Dumfries and Galloway welcome dogs when you let them know the breed when booking.

How do you feel about taking your dog camping? Would It change the way you see holidays? Let us know in the comments, and even better, share your dogs in tents photos with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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