Camping.. Why should I try it?

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We know what you’re thinking. It’s February, why would I want to go camping? As it turns out, this time of year is perfect for getting your walking boots on and chucking a sleeping bag in the boot of the car. Here’s why:

It’s dark. It’s been dark for approximately 3746 weeks now and you’re seriously lacking in Vitamin D. Camping can provide you with more daylight hours than you would normally see at home, meaning a surge in the hormones which reduce fatigue and those winter blues. Combine this with a large dose of fresh air and you will feel the stress of normal life melt away like the last of the winter snow.

Camping in winter doesn’t mean you have to spend the night shivering – tents are only one side of outdoor breaks. Caravans and glamping getaways can provide all the benefits of a camping holiday with none of the chilly nights. In fact, some glamping sites come equipped with all the comfort and luxury of a brick and mortar hotel, like the Two Hoots Campsite in Bighton. You can find king-size beds, gas-powered showers and even indoor log burners in huts, pods and caravans right across the UK.

All of the campsites we work with know what’s important when it comes to an outdoor break, and that’s making time to get away from it all, and nothing says that better than open countryside.


Camping doesn’t have to be without luxury

Enjoy the late Winter

Here are a few more reasons why a late winter camping break could be the best thing you do this year:

  • Getting off grid: While many luxury campsites will provide you with electricity and sockets, many people take the opportunity to disconnect. Switching off the phone and the kids’ iPad for the weekend to explore the picturesque rivers, forests and open air that the country has to offer will give you the quality family time that everyone will enjoy.
  • It’s not expensive: Not only are you reducing the travel cost by going on a UK camping break compared to flying overseas, accommodation can be hundreds of pounds cheaper than a hotel or B&B stay.
  • Better sleep: Whether it’s a full day of outdoor activities that sends you off to the land of nod, or the warm yellow glow of the campfire, many campers report a much better night’s sleep when camping, which can recharge your batteries and leave you feeling revived. (Did you know that the yellow tones of campfires have the opposite effect on our brains than the blue light of smartphone screens? The warm colours increase melatonin, the sleep hormone and let us drift off more easily.)
  • New experiences: Have you ever tried fly fishing, or gone mountain biking? Camping gives you the opportunity to try all kinds of new things, and creates the chance to build memories while you introduce the whole family to new experiences. Show the kids how to toast marshmallows over an open fire for the first time, or even how to build the campfire itself!

Try something new.. like fishing!

The benefits of camping are endless, but the only way to really discover them is to try it for yourself. Have a look around the campsites we have listed for a quick getaway near you.

Have you already been camping recently? Let us know in the comments what your favourite part was, and what type of camping you like best.

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