10 Camping hacks for your first trip of the year

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We’re sure spring must be around the corner by now. Like most people, we’ve been daydreaming about the summer while we’ve been waiting for things to warm up, and of course for us that means plenty more camping trips! Over the years we have found little tips or what we like to call camping hacks. Still wondering why you should go camping? Read more here.

10 Camping hacks

We’ve put our thoughts of warmer months to good use by putting together this list of camping hacks for your first camping trip of 2018.

  1. Make a camping kit. It’s like a first aid kit, but even handier. You’ll have your plasters and antiseptic, but additional items like a bottle of tomato ketchup, matches, a lighter (for backup), spare batteries and penknife all in one place can make it easy to chuck all the essentials in the car and leave only your equipment and own packing to worry about. Items like cable ties, string and duct tape can come in handy too.
  2. Buy your tent now! Check our friends out at Kenmar Camping. Purchasing a tent in March might not seem that urgent, but you’ll pick up equipment for far less than you will in the festival season. Even better, look out for good quality tents on eBay or Gumtree.
  3. Plan your activities in advance. Especially if you’re planning a digital detox, camping for the whole family is a lot more fun when you’re not spending the first half of the day finding out what there is to do. Choose your campsite based on its surroundings and access to the things you want to take part in, and check for opening hours of local attractions.
  4. Going camping in March? Plan to be cold. Going camping in August? Plan to be cold. The UK is a wonderful place to camp, but it’s not famous for high temperatures. Even on a warm summer’s day (anyone remember what that feels like?), temperatures can dip overnight. Pack layers, and plenty of spares in case things get wet, plus enough blankets for everyone. Winter hats are often a great thing to pull on when sitting around the campfire late at night too.
  5. Take lots of plastic bags. They’re great for keeping dry clothes dry, and wet clothes, well, separate. Just remember to take them home with you or dispose of them responsibly.
  6. Take your furniture. Well, OK, maybe not the same furniture you use in your house, but chairs are a little luxury which make a real difference when camping. Alternatively, food storage boxes with a cushion on top provide a great make-shift seat.
  7. Think about space to sleep. Do you want to go old-school and sling a sleeping bag straight onto the tent floor? If you’re after a little more comfort when camping (and nobody will blame you), consider the size of air or foam beds when you’re thinking about the size of your tent. A four man tent suddenly doesn’t seem so big when you include four mattresses and everyone’s gear.
  8. Tinfoil saves having to take pots and pans in a lot of cases – you can cook a great jacket potato in foil, plus corn on the cob and kebabs.
  9. Think about the food and drink you’re taking, and minimise packing. Does anything have a cardboard wrap you could remove before leaving home? Cans are better than bottled drinks for crushing afterwards to make space. Oh, and if you fancy a bit of Pinot Grigio over the campfire, screw tops are more convenient than searching around for a makeshift corkscrew.
  10. Pack marshmallows. Enough said. The most important of camping hacks 💯
Camping hacks #10 - marshmallows

Camping hacks #10 – Marshmallows toasting by open fire 🔥

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